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Reasons Data Backups Fail

Backup Backup Backup - And Test Restores

In an era where cell phones remember phone numbers for us, money can be transferred without ever writing a check, and entire business transactions can be done on the Internet, data has become bigger–and more important–than ever.

But what would happen if that cell phone was lost, or there was no record of that transaction, or the internet was down?  What then?

As more transactions become paperless and digitized, and as the world of business becomes more integrated with IT, our vulnerabilities are growing about as quickly as our data volume.

Truth be told, data dumps, failed backups, and hard drive crashes are not as common or threatening as they once were, and they are preventable.  There are a variety of solutions such as clouds and data recovery services to prevent catastrophic data failures from happening, but data failures do happen, and they are usually the byproduct of a few failed practices.  A recent study by IT Whitepaper discusses the reasons for most of these failures in their paper “When Good Backups Go Bad: Data Recovery Failures and What To Do About Them“:

Failure to Backup All Data – The easiest way to recover lost data is to backup ALL data on regular basis.  While most organizations backup a portion of their data–about 60 percent–less than half backup all of their data.  This means that in case of a catastrophic event, 40 percent of data (including emails, documents, applications, and customer data) would be lost. Read more >

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How to be More Productive at Work in 10 Steps

clock imageAn hour of planning is worth four hours of doing.  Yes, it’s true.  But for those of us who tend to “put something together before reading the instructions,” occasional gentle reminders of how to effectively plan our day can be a huge help.

 “Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort” (Paul J. Meyer).   In order to get the most out of your day, we put together a list of ten tips for a more productive work place.  Ready. Set. Do!

1.  Get more organized.  Organizing your files and desk will cut down on the amount of time used looking for missing pieces, finding a pencil, or cross-referencing documents.  Black Mountain Software offers a variety of tools to help with organization, such as searchable, digitized documentation. Read more >

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3 Things Every Utility Billing Clerk Should Know–And Develop!

by Jennifer Carlson, BMS Installation Team Lead/Senior Support Specialist

Timeliness. Accuracy. Multi-tasking. If these three words weren’t outlined in the job description for your utility billing job, you will soon find out they should have been!

The complexity and performance demand required to be a good utility billing clerk is often overlooked and underplayed. Mostly–we’d like to think–because utility billing clerks make it look so easy! But if you are able to keep these three things in mind as you develop your skills and processes, you will establish yourself as a reliable, credible, and trustworthy asset to the utility billing world. Read more >

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