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Time-Saver Tips: Using the Daily Time Card Module

imagesGuest Blog By: Teresa, BMS Sales Manager and former Montana school clerk

We all have busy jobs and are constantly trying to do more with less. Though processing of payroll and time cards is a necessary task, it’s not always the most efficient. That is why Black Mountain Software developed the Daily Time Card module for use with our school or municipal Payroll software.

Processing payroll pretty much kills a day (or two in some cases!). For example, in school administration, one must gather time sheets, fan through extra-curricular trips, verify teacher leave, and then, worst of all, sort out who subbed for who and how to pay the substitute teachers. Read more >

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Because You Wouldn’t Use a Spoon to Shovel Your Driveway – Fund Accounting Software

We’ve all heard the saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  So, why would a customer consider switching to Black Mountain Software (BMS) if they’ve always used QuickBooks?  While QuickBooks may be “working just fine” for your agency, providing clerks with software that will help them be more efficient and accurate means higher productivity, better accuracy, and less frustration for everybody.

How so?  Well, you wouldn’t buy wheelbarrows and shovels for a street superintendent when front-end loaders and dump trucks are needed.  The same idea stands here: why would you use software designed for the accounting needs of very small businesses, when there is a customized solution, specifically made for government clerks available? Read more >

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