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2,000 Members and Counting…City Clerk Cafe

city_clerk_coloredWhere can you learn about storage apps such as Dropbox, gather tips for taking minutes, and exchange stories from the frontline of a City Clerk?  You can do all this (and more!) on the The City Clerk Cafe on LinkedIn.  And that’s probably why so many city clerks–2,000-plus actually–have joined this LinkedIn group.

The City Clerk Cafe has thousands of members from all around the country, giving clerks the opportunity to connect, network, and brainstorm together in an organized forum.  It also allows members to track discussions, search for jobs, ask questions, share advice, and get updates on the latest seminars and conferences.  And the best part is you can choose the frequency and depth of the updates you receive straight to your work Inbox by customizing your settings and choosing the conversations you subscribe to. Read more >

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City Clerk Salary: How Much Money Does a City Clerk Make?

How Much Money Does a City Clerk Make (City Clerk Salary Infographic)Last month, we asked our blog readers and members of our LinkedIn Group, The City Clerk Cafe, to participate in a city clerk salary survey to find out how much city clerks get paid. We wanted to paint an accurate picture of how much money a city clerk employee actually makes. We asked our over 700 Clerk Café members to participate, and that’s exactly what they did!

What we found was very interesting!

What didn’t surprise us:

  • City clerks have girl power. Of those who responded, 80 percent were female.  Despite a world where gender roles are changing, it seems the role of the city clerk employee still mostly belongs to the women.
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How Much Money Does a City Clerk Really Make? You Tell Us!

Have you ever wondered how your city’s salary compares to those across the US?  If so, you should participate in our City Clerk Salary Poll.

We thought, why not utilize the 700 city clerks on our LinkedIn group, the City Clerk Café, to paint a more accurate picture of city clerk pay?  So, we are doing just that!  Asking YOU how much YOU really make, and how satisfied you are with that number.

To participate, go to:


Note: All personal information is confidential, and you will only be asked to furnish an email address if you would like to receive notification of the results. Read more >

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