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Time Saver Tip: BMS’s Budget Prep Software Helper

school budgetingGuest Blog By: Teresa, BMS Sales Manager and former Montana school clerk

In the life of many school accounting and municipal accounting professionals, there is a time of year far scarier than October 31: budget preparation season!

If you are a clerk who dreads starting next year’s budget process, due to worrying that you may put the wrong equation in your Excel spreadsheet or may forget to add a one-time expenditure, Black Mountain Software has a solution for you: our Budget Preparation module.

When it comes to preparing your school or municipal budget, there are so many little things to remember, check, and double-check. Read more >

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When Two Worlds to Collide: Education and Government

How can city government play a greater role in improving local education…and should they?

Of course, education is a concern for everyone in the community.  Education ensures the future of our children and communities.  More and more, government officials are being urged to play a greater role in the education system, and they are making education initiatives the platform for their campaigns.

But how easy is to bridge the gap between government and the education system?  Here are eight tips for aligning education and government to help both groups unify and form better school initiatives.

1. Talk about the good.  Though budget cuts, larger class sizes, and school official salaries make for easy target practice, it is important to focus on what schools have been able to accomplish—often with so much less: less funding, fewer teachers, and a smaller amount of resources.  Read more >

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2013 BMS Conference Schedule and Tips

BMS ConferencesWith the arrival of March ahead, the 2013 BMS Conference Season is now well underway. From now through October, rarely will there be a week that team members at Black Mountain Software aren’t assembling conference boxes, carefully packing their BMS logo shirts in suitcases, practicing presentations, and double checking on cookie shipments.  “Wait – cookie shipments?” you may ask…yes, we said cookies!  Our BMS staff will come armed to most of the conferences with the tastiest, most decadent macadamia nut cookies this side of the conference circuit!  Lucky conference goers will leave with these delicious treats to add to their bag of conference swag.   Read more >

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