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Can That Be True? How to Spot an Illegitimate Claim on Social Media

Have you seen the commercial where a man and women are discussing truths and the woman always replies that it must be true because she “read it on the Internet.” The commercial then closes by the woman meeting up with her online boyfriend who claims to be (but is so very obviously not) a “French model”?

With the Internet being our primary source for information these days, it’s hard to remember that what is on the Internet is only as good the source reporting the information.

Both the glory and the pitfall of Internet information is that ANYONE, ANYWHERE can publish information on ANYTHING. Read more >

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10 Things Every City Clerk Should Know How to Do

Government Building

Did you know that only 8 percent of people follow through on their New Year’s Resolutions? Most have already faltered by today’s date.

We feel, however, that it’s never too late to start anew and make goals for the year. That’s why we decided to compile of list of useful advice for city clerks and utility billing clerks, inspired by conversations and comments made by the hardworking municipal clerks that we network with all year long. Check out the list below and decide where you are really making strides, and where you could do better. Start today and make your own resolution to be the best you can be in 2014! Read more >

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Putting Social Media into Practice – What You Need to Do First

Welsh Assembly Government 28.03.2011

Government Technology Today acknowledges that local governments participating in social media is one of the biggest trends in government technology for 2013.  More and more local governments are finding that utilizing social media for public outreach is not only effective in getting the word out, it also leads to positive interaction between government and constituents.

A note of caution, however: deciding to put social media into practice without thoughtful planning and execution can alter the outcome.

Opening up the channels of communication between government and constituents can be a little scary, time consuming, and overwhelming if the appropriate amount of planning isn’t done prior to implementing your social media efforts.  Read more >

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Rules of Engagement for Social Media on Government Time

Social Media Outposts

Earlier this year, we talked about how 60 percent of government workers are using social media, 40 percent find it useful in their jobs, and 63 percent have access to it at their work.  And since we are nearing the 500-member mark on our LinkedIn resource page—the City Clerk Café—it is no surprise to us that there is a time, and a place, for social media in the government.

But whether you are a beginner, or well-versed in social media, you have probably had questions from time to time about how to engage in social media, and what the appropriate etiquette is for this new media. Read more >

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Trend Alert – Dropbox and Similar Cloud Services

We’ve been notified of a trend happening, and no, we’re not talking colored denim and tribal prints!  We’re talking about Dropbox, a cloud-related service where your photos, documents, and videos are stored virtually and can be accessed from your phone, computer, laptop, or reader.  Why are people flocking towards Dropbox and similar cloud services?

  • Simplicity.  Work from any computer or internet device and your work is automatically saved to the cloud.  Files are never unintentionally lost, moved, or stored on the wrong devise.
  • File Sharing. Because everything is stored in this virtual space, there is no need for CD’s, USB drives, or emailing of files for future access.
  • Read more >
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    Can’t Get Enough? Join the City Clerk Cafe!

    Recently, we saw this post on a listserv we subscribe to:

    “I was just on the blackmountainsoftware.com website.  They have a blog format for city clerks across the country,  City Clerk Café   I know we are all busy [but] if you have a few free moments it may be worth perusing from time to time…Thanks BMS for another tool!”

    Thanks Julie Lazaro! We really appreciate the kind words about our blog!  At the same time, we wanted to let our blog readers know about another resource available to them: The City Clerk Cafe on LinkedIn. The City Clerk Cafe, which was launched earlier this year, has become an exciting and informative place for clerks all around the US to gather and discuss topics close to them.  Read more >

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    Is There a Place for Social Media in Government?

    Mmmm....cake. And government info.

    Nearly 60 percent use it.  Over 40 percent find it useful.  And nearly 63 percent have access to it.  Social Media.  Is there a place for it in government? According to an article in Government Technology, there is–like it or not!

    But why social media?  Because social media is accessible anywhere, anytime, and by anyone, the advantages of working on a social media platform mean inclusiveness, flexibility, and timing.  Social media allows for a virtual “meeting of the minds” where fellow government personnel can converse despite location, time zones, and even language barriers. In fact, city governments in Seattle, New York, and California are all making social media more of a priority in their cities, hoping to lessen the digital divide. Read more >

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