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Spring Clean Your Software and Systems

T2014-10-03O-Nahere’s nothing like a good spring cleaning to help sharpen your tools and remove the dust and clutter, but one thing we often don’t think about spring cleaning is our computer system and software.

Early spring is the perfect time (before finalizing budgets) to seriously evaluate your software needs and tools and determine what is or isn’t working for your agency. So put down your feather duster, and instead think outside your cubicle of how you can spring clean your processes.

Spring cleaning your software means: 

  • Assessing your software and storage needs now and for the future
  • Setting aside budget for growing software needs
  • Sharpening your software tools and evaluating if there are any new add-ons or features you would like to integrate
  • Upgrading your version of software
  • Upgrading your storage needs
  • Identifying tools that will help you do your job better
  • Investigating other options for software that better suits your agency

First, every agency should evaluate and assess what their future needs are and if the current software is meeting those needs. Read more >

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10 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Office

A few of us at Black Mountain Software recently packed up our desks and cabinets and moved to new office spaces in our building.  Among the dust and stacks of old papers and files, we found that we were long overdue for a little document scanning, paper recycling, and uncluttering.  What better time than spring, to…well, spring clean the office!  So that’s exactly what we did.

Spring cleaning your office doesn’t just mean clearing off a suitable workspace.  Check out our ten ideas for adding a spring cleaning touch to your office, as inspired by our own spring cleaning efforts!

10 Ideas for Spring Cleaning Your Office:

1. Read more >

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