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FAQ’s about Smart Meters and Why They are Leaving Some Concerned

Elster A3 ALPHA type A30 single-phase kWh smar...While many joke that utilities and government adapt to new technologies slower than most publicly-owned companies, one area where government and utilities seem to be advancing their technology quickly is by introducing smart meters and automated meter reading to their service territories.

The reason larger utilities have quickly adopted this technology is the perceived cost benefits, accuracy, and access to real-time information.  But smaller governments and utilities have sometimes hesitated to install these meters because of public perception.

What are smart meters?  Smart meters are electrical meters that record consumption of water, gas or energy in intervals of an hour or less and communicate that information at least daily back to the utility for monitoring and billing purposes. Read more >

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Benefits of Smart Meters for Small Districts

Smart Meter, Boring topic

Smart meters may seem like a big move for small districts.  The average smart meter costs a customer $2 – $4 per per month during implementation and deployment, which can seem (initially) like a costly venture, requiring a lot of public persuasion. But more and more small and mid-size utilities are finding that upgrading their infrastructure to smart meters is ultimately cost-effective and beneficial to their district, because smart meters enhance efficiency, reliability, and security of electrical, gas, and water operations.

Though many customers may initially believe that smart meters only benefit the district or utility, they often come to realize that smart meters are advantageous to the customer as well.   Read more >

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